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Year Two

Girls! Girls! Girls!

  Professors know the difference between practice and theory-especially when it   comes to dating. Tony Judt knew the rules-he read Foucault! What made him  thinks he could get away with it?

  By Tony Judt

Checkov at 150 and the Russian Winter’s Longest Road:

Anton Checkov took a trip to “hell” in 1890, Sukhalin Island. A sadistic penal colony located closer to Japan than Russia. Why did Checkov go? what did he learn?

By Robert Fulford

Remebering Haiti:

"A good anthropologist is, among other things, one who knows how to apologize locally"

By Sidney W. Mintz

Inside Man:

An insightful profile of Timothy Geithner. 

By Joshua Green

Autopia: Futuristic Pod Car Combines GM Vision, Segway Practicality:

Can this concept help stop urban congestion? And at the least the Japanese will like it. 

By Stuart Schwartzapfel

An Atheist Meets the Masters of the Universe:

A.J. Ayer the great atheist professor of logic at Oxford-died twice! The first time he experienced God, and then discreetly told a doctor of his . Did the doctor lie or did Ayer have an Voltaire remission?

By Peter Foges

American Tea Party Top 40:

A collection of smash hits by those who tea bag with their pants on (sometimes).